How It Works

We Buy Junk Cars Miami Fl.

Here is a quick 4 step process to show just how simple selling your vehicle to us is:

1. If you have a junk or unwanted vehicle then give us a call now because WE BUY JUNK CARS MIAMI FL!

2. Filling out our online form or calling us, we’ll give you a free quote for your vehicle. If you decide to schedule an appointment for us to get your car then we will just write down some of the information about the vehicle

3. Usually we are able to get the vehicle SAME DAY. One of our licensed and insured Hulk Hauler tow drivers will arrive, PAY YOU CASH, and tow away your vehicle FOR FREE! It’s that simple.

4. You’re happy! Your neighbors are happy! The State of Florida is happy! And we are happy. It’s a win-win-win-win situation. I thought these things only happened in fairy tales!


Cash for junk cars in Miami FAQ:

What is Junk Cars Miami?

Junk Cars Miami is a FREE service that actually PAYS CASH to you for your junk car. There are plenty of other services out there, but they hardly pay you anything and most pay in CHECKS. Some of these other guys even charge YOU money to come and tow away your junker. We will always pay you top dollar and will tow your vehicle away for FREE!

How much can I get for selling my junk car in Miami?

This is a question that is a bit rocky to quote. Our price quote is based on many factors including the condition of your vehicle, the year, make, model, and if you have a title, the location of your vehicle etc. Because of our system, we can usually pay more than any other junk car buyer. We will pay $100 – $400 depending on the vehicle. We aren’t like other services who only offer one price for all, then deduct towing and paperwork fees. We always include all services and fees matched with your vehicle. That’s why we are the best for junk car removal in Miami Fl. You get the most bang out of our bucks when we buy junk cars Miami Fl.

When do I get paid for selling my junk car in Miami?

Unlike the other guys that pick your car up first, then send you payment days-weeks later. Our super friendly, super helpful tow driver will have your payment of CASH at the time of the pick up. That’s why the people of Miami call us “Junk Car Buyers In A Flash.”

When will you come to pick up my junk car?

We try to schedule the pick up at your convenience. Usually, we can pick up your vehicle SAME DAY.

How long will my junk car removal in Miami take?

We are usually in and out within 5 to 10 minutes on most jobs. All of our drivers are professional, licensed and insured Hulk Haulers. What we mean by that is they are good at what they do.

Do you need the title to the vehicle?

NO! You do not need a title to sell us your unwanted vehicle. However; not having a title will get you less money because there is paper work we need to do and fees to pay in order to make the vehicle legally ours.



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