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Welcome to Junk Car Miami! Do you have a junk vehicle that is just sitting at your house? Looking for a way to get rid of it? Perfect! We are car buyers in Miami Fl. Don’t waste time calling around trying to get some random guy to come pick up your scrap. We will show up, pay you, and on top of that we tow it away for free. No hassle, no worries!

We provide easy, Hassle-Free pick up of your Junk vehicles, Damaged Cars, Trucks, and Vans, at absolutely no cost to you! You can scrap it, but not only will you not make as much, but you will also need to pay for a tow.

We proudly serve all the Miami, Hialeah, Hollywood, Tamiami, Coral Springs, and as far South as Homestead! Basically, we serve everywhere. We will go as far North as Wellington, Fl but we will deduct from the toll that is required to get up there.

Give us a call today. We will tell you what we can pay for your scrap car over the phone. Then we will show up and professionally remove your scrap car within a couple of hours. Its almost too easy for you. You just sit back, and wait for us to do all the work. Then collect the money. We try our best to make it as simple as possible for you.

We are a service that pays you cash! That’s right! Cash for your clunker, the car that has broke down on the side of the road, the car that was busted into, and the car that has been giving you nothing but problems and it just happened to break down on you at your girlfriends/boyfriends house.

We are here today to take that pain away from you.  The vehicle that has been making you pull your hair out of your head and now all your friends are wondering why a week ago you had more hair compared to now and now you have your face posted up on Facebook with everyone you know making fun of you.

That not right! Only to go to other social websites and find out that your picture showed up on the other sites as well.  You soon find out that now the whole town knows and you are now the laughing stock of everybody’s conversations.  Every night you cry yourself to sleep hoping that it will be forgotten the next day, however it doesn’t and all this happened because you chose not to contact us right away and junk it with us

Don’t be this person, don’t let something you own make you pull your hair out and cause pre-mature balding.  Let nature do that.

Call the company that is rated the highest in every service possible and we will show you why people think we are the best in town.

We also offer free removal with all of our purchases.

Call us today for a free quote!

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