Vehicle Removal in the Miami Area

We offer free car removal in the Miami area; it is an awesome service that removes your unwanted vehicles and pays you cash. When you are in a pinch, or are sick and tired of the clunker that is giving you expensive problems, then call us. We are here to save the day, and take away your headache. Finally! We are excited to be able to offer to you, a service like this.

Here is how the process works.


You contact us. You can either call us (305)-771-1901. Or you can contact us through our online form and receive a free quote through Email or Text. If you call us, we will then ask you some very simple important questions about your car. All of the data gets put together, and then we are able to quickly tell you what we can pay for it.

If you contact us through the online form. Then we will send an email to you or a text to your phone with a quoted price. If you agree to it, you can email, call, or text back. Isn’t that so simple. We do our best to make things as quick as possible, and as easy as possible for you.



Junk Car Removal Miami

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We will schedule a good time with you for one of our trucks to come perform the car removal of your old car. When the tow truck gets there, they will have payment for you, and will have you sign something, and show you where to sign the title. You sign it…they pay you…sign receipt…all done. Easy as usual. Then the tow truck driver will proceed to load up your vehicle onto his truck. Once that is all done, he will drive away with your precious junk. You are left dancing for joy because that clunker is now out of your hair, and you have cash to show for it.

So Simple

We want it easy for you. So don’t stress anymore. We are the best Car Removal Service In Miami, Florida. So now you can sleep comfortably knowing that you have made the best decision on getting rid of your car safely.

Our process is a very simple one.  All you do is call us up and within 30 seconds or less you will be on your way to getting the most money in your pocket. We will ask you some pretty basic questions about your vehicle and than at the end of it all we will give you a quote.  If you agree to the quote you are given then we will get you in the system and then our dispatcher will contact you to set you with a pick up time.

Doesn’t that process sound easy, well it’s easy because we have made it that way for the customer’s.

Give us a call or contact us today to see why we are quickly becoming the “Go To Guys” when it comes to removing a car around Miami.

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