Fall is Almost Here


Fall is coming and I want you to know that I am ready and willing to give you cash for your scrapper in the Miami area today. It is my job to get useless vehicles off of the road, out of your driveway or yard, and hand you money in return for it. A new season is starting and the leaves are already showing signs of fall being just around the corner. This means we have a whole new set of chores coming up to prepare our homes for the winter. You may have to invest time and money into sealing your windows, shoring up drafts and applying weather stripping, and maintaining your chimney, just to name a few. All of these things cost you money, but it is worth it in the long run when you get your electric bill in the mail and find that you’ve saved a lot of energy. I can help you pay for winterizing your home by purchasing your unwanted car. It doesn’t even have to run.

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I don’t really care if your car’s title is clean, totaled, or salvaged. A salvage title doesn’t mean much to a car buyer like me because I am going to recycle it by crushing that clunker and allow its metal to be reused to manufacture new products and I will give you cash for your automobile. Consider that a clean title doesn’t mean much to you if your vehicle needs work that costs more than it is actually valued at. Basically, you win in either situation because I will give you money on the spot, right then and there, and take that thing to metal heaven where it can be reborn. It is also important to note that we operate legally and are fully licensed.

I mention this because a lot of companies out there don’t run this way. They scam you by not turning in the proper paperwork to the department of motor vehicles so that the car is still in your name. Sometimes they dump it on the side of the road because they committed a crime in it and the police find the car and have it moved to a holding yard. That company then mails you a hefty $450 bill stating you owe for the towing fees after the DMV tells them that you are the rightful owner and responsible for all payments. We assure you that you will not have to worry about that situation if you go through us. Look us up and read our customer reviews.

I am willing to bet that getting cash for your vehicle is easier than you think because I help people do this every day. Our customers are pleased with the efficient process we have here and I guarantee all of my over the phone quotes. If I tell you a number, that is the exact amount you will be handed when we tow away your sedan, coupe, SUV, or truck. This always results in a classic case of happy customers and that makes my job worthwhile. Let me pay you some cash for your clean or salvage title cars or for your rusted out hot rod so that you can have something extra to put toward your fall chores.  Call for a free quote today! 305-771-1901